The Best Gamer Resources in 2021

It seems that there is a new movement within the gaming world called “gamergate”. I use the term “gamergate” as it fits in with the larger issue of diversity in video games, but what is gamergate really about? Well, in all honesty, it’s nothing. However, some people have taken it upon themselves to form “gamergate” … Read more

Game on 7 brands getting into gaming

Game On: 7 brands getting into gaming? Well, it seems that’s the way things are going for at least one of them. Wal-mart is reportedly working on a new gaming console. They haven’t offered any details on what kind of gaming system they’re going to offer or when it’ll be out and available for purchase. … Read more

China’s New Gaming Regulation

A recent article in the Financial Times (FT) mentioned China’s new gaming law that will be coming into effect from 1 July next year. The law is part of China’s effort to reform its gaming industry and move it away from the dominance of local gaming companies. There are fears that this might limit the … Read more

Best gaming phones 2020

The world of mobile technology is changing rapidly with the advent of the new generation of smartphones, and the future looks bright for both casual gamers and professionals. The Best Gaming Phone Platform for these new players is Lenovo. Our selection of the best gaming phones will enable you to access your device anywhere and … Read more

72% Of Aussies Now Gaming

Over The Counter (OTC) Video Gaming Gear: It’s not a secret that Australia is home to some of the most dedicated and hardworking gamers on earth. There are literally millions of Australians that spend countless hours playing online games. Just like any other activity, online gaming has a diverse group of people. From children to … Read more

Brain Computer Chips Technology

The Brain Computer Chip was developed in Canada. This small device is about the size of a silver dollar and contains about one or two million individual transistors that act as the control and logic layer on a small circuit board. It allows for the synchronization of a person’s brain activity with that of a … Read more

advanced technology in computer science

The field of Computer Science has become a major force in the Nation’s technological base. Advancement in this field is constantly occurring as new computer technologies are created. As computers became more complex, they started to become more universal. As this advance took place, so has the need for qualified professionals in computer science. The … Read more

7 ways computers will change our lives

There are many fascinating topics in the world of science and technology, but one that has been getting more press attention recently is how computers will change our lives. Already the advent of the Internet and the development of new software applications and interactive games have made communication so much easier. But what else is … Read more

How NASA tech made its way into everyday life

You have probably seen the commercials about how NASA tech designed, created and put their technology to use in everyday life. How about all those space shuttles we see going around the world every week? How about the wonderful tools we have for studying outer space like the telescopes that they built? These are all … Read more