How NASA tech made its way into everyday life

You have probably seen the commercials about how NASA tech designed, created and put their technology to use in everyday life. How about all those space shuttles we see going around the world every week? How about the wonderful tools we have for studying outer space like the telescopes that they built? These are all … Read more

Home Sweet Home in Orbit

“Home Sweet Home in Orbit” is a charming and humorous book about a girl who has a difficult time adjusting to her new home. The author, Pamela Smith, portrays the struggles of this young girl during her first year at home. In this book, readers get to know a girl named Hope and how she … Read more

fast-growing tech space

If you’re planning to open a new business in the fast-growing tech space, you need to be sure that you have the right skills for your new position. Because technology is ever changing and becoming more advanced, the need for qualified employees with the right skill sets is greater than ever. This has also resulted … Read more

Daily Space Tech Archive

The Daily Space Tech Archives is a wonderful collection of space-related articles from around the world. They will bring back memories of many space flights that have been made and also the pictures of many that have been lost. They will tell you about the various technologies that are used to make such a trip … Read more

Advanced Nations In Space Tech

There has been a lot of discussion in the aerospace and space technology communities regarding the future of advanced nations in space. Many people believe that such nations will quickly overtake the rest of the world, using human exploration as their main weapon to achieve this. However, others are quite skeptical about this claim. Why … Read more