Brain Computer Chips Technology

The Brain Computer Chip was developed in Canada. This small device is about the size of a silver dollar and contains about one or two million individual transistors that act as the control and logic layer on a small circuit board. It allows for the synchronization of a person’s brain activity with that of a … Read more

advanced technology in computer science

The field of Computer Science has become a major force in the Nation’s technological base. Advancement in this field is constantly occurring as new computer technologies are created. As computers became more complex, they started to become more universal. As this advance took place, so has the need for qualified professionals in computer science. The … Read more

7 ways computers will change our lives

There are many fascinating topics in the world of science and technology, but one that has been getting more press attention recently is how computers will change our lives. Already the advent of the Internet and the development of new software applications and interactive games have made communication so much easier. But what else is … Read more

what is difference of computer and laptop

Computers & Laptops are one of the hottest topics in the IT industry right now. Many companies have started offering their employees discounts on purchasing one or more laptops. This is fantastic for a number of reasons. By having the ability to take your work with you wherever you go, you are saving yourself a … Read more

Computer Technology Wallpapers

Computer technology wallpapers are a must have for every personal computer user. Not only do they make a nice background to sit down and stare at when working, but they also provide a fun distraction that many people enjoy. Computer wallpapers and icons have come in many shapes, sizes and formats so there are a … Read more

Computer Engineering Technology

The rapid increase in the need for dependable and robust computer systems has prompted the infusion of various forms of Computer Engineering Technology. Amongst this plethora of concepts there are two, which are very critical to a company’s existence-operational systems and embedded systems. A proficient engineer must be adept with all these aspects of Computer … Read more