10 people who aided shape science in 2020

Who will be the next decade’s wonder child and who will be the first person to step on the moon? Well, it looks like our next ten people who aided shape science in 2021 will be from outer space. And no one is even thinking about it. I guess we all know that if the Earth becomes an inhabitable place, or a heaven on earth, there will be billions of people who die in the process of trying to make it a habitable place.

This means that our whole species may be wiped out in the process. The next decade will see human beings traveling to other planets and perhaps visiting an asteroid or two. Some folks are worried that if such things as robotic explorers or probe’s go to Mars that the ice could melt and the oceans could rise, this would raise sea levels and flood areas, causing large amounts of loss of life and forcing people to relocate. Is this the type of world we want for ourselves and for our children?

If we are not careful we may end up killing off our own species through self-destruction. The Earth is a beautiful place, with all of its natural resources. It is just unfortunate that humanity has not thought of ways to use those resources to help us become more self-sufficient.

We have to embrace the future of science. We need to stop worrying so much about what might be called a “perfect storm” that will cause massive storms. Instead we should be working on methods of weather control and how to use that knowledge to help people who need it. I can imagine that by the end of the decade we will have truly advanced into a new age of science.

Some people have talked about a mission to Mars, others about mining the Moon, and yet
others think about sending someone to explore the deep atmosphere of space. Will we send an astronaut to explore the mysterious dark side of the moon or the extreme temperatures and magnetic fields found there? Will we try to find evidence of alien life forms on other worlds in the solar system and beyond? These are questions that will have to be answered if we ever expect to learn what the mysteries of space are really all about. Science in the future will be able to tell us a lot about our origins, about the nature of the universe, and about the possibilities of life.

The mysteries of the past can help us learn about the future. Science will be better able to predict the climate, ocean currents, and the distribution of oxygen, all of which play a crucial role in the formation of the planet and the life that lives on it. Will we look at the telescope as an instrument of curiosity or as a device that will help us solve the mystery of space? Hopefully the answers to these questions and others will be made available to people in the future and we will be able to enjoy the benefits of scientific discovery while we live on the space ship.

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