Introduction to Information Security Management Systems

Introduction to Information Security Management Systems provides the student with a solid foundation in the key elements that constitute information security management. The primary goal of this course is to provide students an overview of the technology, planning and organizational issues associated with implementing information security systems. There are multiple objectives for each semester that … Read more

Information Security Officer

An information security officer, also known as an Information Security Officer, is an executive level position in an organization where he/she is responsible for developing and implementing the organization’s information security policy, vision, and strategy to ensure that information assets and technology are appropriately protected. In contrast to a network security manager, an information security … Read more

Whats Is Food Security

Food safety is a holistic measure of people’s ability to obtain and assess the safety of food. According to the United Nations’ Committee on World Food Security, food safety is defined as a system that assures food security in the context of a country’s food supply. The committee defines food safety as an integrated approach … Read more

What is Energy Security

Energy security is the relationship between the accessibility of various natural sources for energy consumption and national security. Access to affordable energy has become imperative for the smooth functioning of contemporary economies. Yet, the uneven distribution of energy sources among nations has led to major vulnerabilities. One such vulnerability is the lack of a stable … Read more

Cloud Security Best tools

Cloud security is a complex topic, but also an intricate one. The sheer volume of terminology makes it challenging to understand, let alone implement. It’s essential that you have experts on hand to help you understand and implement the security measures that you need in your company. Some of the most common cloud storage security … Read more

Conversations on Science

The topics of discussion in classrooms around the country are increasingly covering science and technology. The National Standards for Education, or the NASE, have also established national discussions on what science teachers should teach in the classroom. These discussions center on what science topics are important and how they should be taught in order to … Read more

Computer Science vs Information Technology

Is computer science really the field of choice for anyone seeking a career in computer science, or is it better to get a degree in Information Technology? Computer science basically combines science and engineering, with computer hardware and software being a key part of this process. The programs offered by many universities have earned computer … Read more

Behind the science

Behind the Science is a very well-made short film that explains the basics of a lot of topics that are considered to be ‘secrets’ or ‘myths’. Behind the Science is a creation of a team of young scientists who have now decided to share their own personal experiences and present their findings through a documentary. … Read more

Basic Energy Sciences

Basic Energy Sciences is the fundamental building blocks of all forms of energy. Energy is a non-physical, inherent force that is available to every living thing on Earth. It can be described as an invisible force that makes light, heat and sound waves move. The amount of energy in a system is called its “energetic … Read more